Saturday, November 3, 2012

Netflix & Hulu Plus Movie & TV Streaming Catalog Statistics

I was looking around for some numbers on the streaming catalogs for Netflix and Hulu. I couldn't find any so I got my hands dirty and extracted it from the data I maintain for I figured I should share this data, thus this blog post.

If this generates enough interest I'll add a page to that is automatically updated each day or week. I guess it would also be interesting to extract this data for Amazon Prime as well. Also, suggestions to improve or add data are welcome using the comments section below or email.

Netflix Hulu Plus
HD Movies4019 (44%)1183 (31%)
Movies added in last 30 days328172
Movies released in 2012161119
TV Shows13642276
TV Seasons28673628
TV Episodes4270360247
HD Episodes19336 (45%)12669 (21%)
TV Seasons added in last 30 days102298
TV Episodes added in last 30 days12712386

Most of the data is not surprising, Netflix has more movies, Hulu has more TV shows. A couple of noteworthy points are that it looks like Netflix is more committed to HD content and that Hulu has a higher percentage of new movies (from 2012) relative to the catalog size.


  1. Awesome post - keep up the great work on the site and the statistical analysis.

  2. It might be nice to have some kind of quality data point (using Rotten Tomato scores or movie of the year list) and also something showing the overlap between services.

  3. I've made an earlier attempt on a quality based comparison:

    But a more comprehensive comparison should be done.

    Meanwhile you can look at the top lists on
    IMDB -
    RT -
    Reddit -

    It's a glimpse to the availability of quality titles on different services

  4. Hi there,

    Very interesting info and initiative in collecting this data. We're looking at starting a venture in this space and would love to have someone with your skillset on the team.

    Can we chat sometime? Send us an email at We're still in stealth mode and would be happy to share notes with you.


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